Aerobits   26.07.2022

Aerobits' lightweight idME Pro module provided new drone Remote ID module with Wi-Fi and BLE

Source: Aerobits

26 July 2022

Detection, surveillance and security
Drone operations and security
Hardware and technical innovations

Aerobits has launched the most advanced version of Remote ID: idME PRO which, as previous versions of idME family, provides enhanced identification and tracking for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), but this time it is based on two technologies: Wi-Fi (NAN and Beacon frames) and BT (BLE, and legacy frames). This product uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy which supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.2) to provide surveillance and drone operator identification capability via modern mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. For full operation, a position source (along with other parameters) is required, which is obtained directly from the MAVLink protocol. AT commands provide feasibility to configure broadcast messages, such as drone identification number, type of aircraft, etc.....