Dubai police   17.10.2022

Dubai police introduce drone-in-a-box for faster response to community

Source: DroneLife

17 October 2022

Detection, surveillance and security
Hardware and technical innovations

The first World Drone Prix took place in Dubai in 2016.  Since then, Dubai has worked to utilize drones  – and other cutting-edge technology throughout its infrastructure. Low-altitude air corridors are being developed to facilitate drone delivery throughout the city. At the recent GITEX, Dubai’s globally renowned technology show, the Dubai Police introduced a new drone-in-a-box solution for faster response to accidents and requests for designed to be operated from a central command operations post, launching the drone from the box and directing it to a specified location to provide aerial intelligence or, potentially, other tools according to the payload.  Dubai may locate the systems strategically throughout the city in order to provide a more immediate response to traffic accidents or other citizen requests for assistance in a “Drones as First Responder” application.....