EASA   16.09.2022

EASA proposed mobile telephony for aircraft conspicuity in U-space airspace at Drone Enable

Source: Unmanned Airspace

16 September 2022

Drone operations and regulations
Hardware and technical innovations
Network and connectivity

“Mobile telephony is the answer to aircraft conspicuity – with conditions,” said Vladimir Foltin, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Certification Manager and ATM Expert at the Drone Enable webinar hosted by ICAO on 14 September 2022. He said mobile telephony uses existing infrastructure and is affordable to new users. “Although aerial use is not explicitly forbidden, neither is it explicitly legal. Therefore, it still needs to be legalised by telephone coordinators and their regional regulators.” Similarly, roaming services do not extend to aerial mobility, therefore these services and frequencies need to be standardised. European telecommunications regulators are working on these issues and EASA expects a coordinated decision “in the coming months, latest within a year”.....