ENAC   30.09.2021

ENAC has published the AMM National Strategic Plan and Roadmap 2021-2030

Source: ENAC

30 September 2021

Autonomous and AI based systems
Drone operations and regulations
Hardware and technical innovations

The "Creation of an Italian Ecosystem for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)" project was organised and promoted by ENAC with the goal of developing a national strategy for the advanced air mobility ecosystem in Italy. The working group, formed in July 2020, is focused on identifying the most strategic applications, such as air taxi and medical delivery, and addressing the challenges to their implementation. The project aims to create a clear roadmap for the large-scale dissemination and commercialization of AAM services in Italy. The memorandum of understanding signed by ENAC and the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization highlights the importance of developing smarter mobility solutions for improved quality of life in cities.