Brazil drone industry   14.10.2022

New 4G/5G cellular services accelerate Brazil’s drone and UTM industries

Source: Unmanned Airspace

14 October 2022

Network and connectivity
UAM services and infrastructure

Brazil’s drone industry and UTM services are expanding following the availability of new 4G LTE mobile networks and 5G capabilities which are allowing for greater geographical coverage, higher data transmission rates, lower latencies, greater resilience to interference and enhanced cyber security. Most drones in Brazil currently use unlicensed ISM, restricted radiation, Wi-Fi type links in the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands, for both C2/CNPC and payloads, with a variety of comms modules/solutions homologated by ANATEL via their MOSAICO System, and accredited certification organisms, OCDs. This allows for both VLOS and BVLOS, the latter under proper ANAC Design Authorization, within ranges of a few kilometres, 3 to 6, on average.....