Regent   27.04.2021

REGENT Craft Inc, announces the launch of the world’s first seaglider, an electric flying machine set to transport passengers along coastal routes by 2025

Source: REGENT

27 April 2021

Hardware and technical innovations
UAM services and infrastructure

REGENT’s seaglider will be able to transport commercial passengers and critical cargo with a range of 180 miles at a speed of 180 mph leveraging existing dock infrastructure. It operates in a variety of modes, enabling safe operations across a diverse set of environments.  After departing a dock, the vehicle initially operates at low speeds (20-45mph) on a hydrofoil offering comfortable, wave-tolerant sailing as it leaves crowded city harbours.  Upon reaching open water, the vehicle takes off and accelerates to high speeds (45 - 180 mph) staying within one wingspan of the water’s surface.  Flight safety at these low altitudes is achieved utilizing a multiply-redundant, state-of-the-art navigation and control system.....