Skydio   29.06.2021

Skydio Cloud to manage drone fleets

Source: Skydio

29 June 2021

Autonomous and AI-based systems
Network and connectivity
UAM services and infrastructure

Skydio announced the general availability of Skydio Cloud, a suite of advanced cloud services and robust APIs that unlock the power of drones for use at scale. The current complexity of operating a fleet of manual drones goes beyond the lack of intelligent in-flight autonomy. Drone fleet and data management software programs are hard to use. From having to manually set up and upload flight logs from each individual drone to cumbersome user interfaces, the current solutions on the market are slow and antiquated. On top of that, maintaining all the data that the drones are producing such as flight logs, location information, and media can get messy and make it difficult to locate information quickly. The need for a fully integrated solution that flawlessly syncs and organizes all this information is vital to the success of enterprise drone operations......