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Serendipity believes in 21st century education, emerging technologies and collaboration are the key components for designing sustainable solutions that are human-centred and durable for the generations to come. They are passionate about creating an adaptive environment and positive change for society. To this end, Serendipity has aligned its strategies in support of the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. As a social change innovator, they use the SDGs as an overarching framework to shape and steer the creation of resilient and sustainable cities. Formed by an agile network of global minds and makers of people and organisations, Serendipity is a real game-changer in the different fields of competence, fulfilling a crucial role of an agnostic partner between ecosystems and the technology market to help cities and ecosystems make a global shift from climate zero to net positive. The organisation proactively anticipates and acts upon new social and technological developments and creates measurable societal impact and systemic improvement.

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