13th EASN International Conference
Innovation in aviation and space for opening new horizons
5 - 8 SEP 2023
Stakeholder Event


Salerno, Italy





Event Details


> EASN International Conference is organised by EASN and the University of Salerno.

The conference will include several plenary talks by distinguished personalities of the European aviation and space sectors from academia, industry, the research community, and policymakers. It will also include thematic sessions, along with technical workshops where innovative ideas, breakthrough concepts, and disruptive technologies will be presented and discussed with the aim of establishing new research partnerships and possible synergies.

The conference will provide a forum for EU-funded projects' activities to present achieved goals, discuss current trends and future needs, and identify possible collaborations with each other. In this respect, the three-day technical programme will be an ideal platform for SESAR projects to present their activities and results, and discuss current trends and future needs of the ATM research sector.

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