IEEE International Smart Cities Conference 2023
Smart cities: A holistic approach
24 - 27 SEP 2023
Stakeholder Event


Bucharest, Romania





Event Details


> IEEE International Smart Cities Conference is organised by the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative and University POLITEHNICA of BucharestRomania.

The 9th IEEE  International Smart Cities Conference will feature keynotes, plenary sessions, panels, industry exhibits, paper and poster presentations, and also tutorials by worldwide experts on smart cities. Researchers, practitioners and students worldwide are invited to submit papers for consideration to be presented at the conference and to discuss the latest trends and emerging and innovative approaches for smart cities.

The IEEE International Smart Cities Conference is the flagship IEEE Smart Cities event and has established a strong reputation over the last few years. The event will allow practitioners, city policymakers and administrators, infrastructure operators, industry representatives and researchers to have a holistic approach to realizing smart cities requiring sustainable development, smart infrastructures and social inclusions, elaboration of new regulations and analyzing the possibilities for implementing solutions developed at an international scale, as well as establishing new relevant priorities for Smart Cities.

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