Digie is a highly specialised boutique consultancy firm working on global challenges. They create impact by combining technology, consultancy and design and bring people together through events, proof of concepts, pilots and coalitions of the doing.  They are inspired by purpose-driven leadership to do more with and for society.

Digie believes in sustainable (safe, secure and convenient) solutions with a positive (societal) impact that enables and ensures trust in the digital age. Through digital trust, the firm empowers businesses, governments, cities to become the digital leader that their customers, citizens and clients deserve.

Brussels, Belgium

Role in FF2020

Digie provides the digital identity solution for all the Living Labs, the governance model and the interoperability frameworks. The firm conducts research in relation to the connection between the Human-ID and the Object-ID/Device-ID, also called the Identity of the Internet of Things. Additionally, they are developing the UAM Identity scheme, and are delivering the marketing, communication and exploitation of Flying Forward 2020.

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