EuroUSC Italia is a consultancy company providing services in the drone market and aviation domain. The company, established in Rome (Italy), is a joint venture between Deep Blue Srl and Prof. Filippo Tomasello, able to support Manufacturers, Operators, Insurance companies and Authorities.

Their involvement in the activities of the main regulatory and international standardization bodies allows us to be at the forefront and in line with the latest developments in the sector. Furthermore, as a consulting company operating in the aeronautical sector comparable to the “Qualified Entities” required by the EU Reg. 216/2008, we are completely independent of organisations involved in the design, production, marketing or maintenance of RPAS, parts, components or systems, as well as from RPAS operators and flying schools, in line with Annex V to Basic EASA Regulation (EU) 216/2008. EuroUSC Italia is also a member of the Board of Directors of UVS-International, the leading world association of drone operators and manufacturers.

Rome, Italy    

Role in FF2020

Thanks to its experience in regulation, safety and certification in the aviation sector, EuroUSC Italia will provide a major contribution to the project identifying European legislation, directives and standards relating to safety in order to be able to trace the lines of regulatory development in this sector. EuroUSC Italy will also check the tests and contribute to the implementation of the case studies. Finally, EuroUSC Italia will take care of training activities for Living Labs and for external parties following the JAA-TO methodology.

Interview with Filippo Tomasello

EuroUSC Italia interviews Filippo Tomasello for what concerns the approval of the two resolutions 5015-2 and 23629-12 by ISO/TC 20/SC 16, on 9th June 2021. The scope of the approval is to assure the standardisation in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) including, but not limited to, classification, design, manufacture, operation and safety management of UAS operations.

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