Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for 50+ years with a massive amount of progress recently by researchers, companies and institutions. Nalantis has invested and combined computational linguistics, natural language processing, semantic modelling and machine learning to deliver a unique approach to using natural language understanding to benefit businesses.

Central to their company values is a strong belief in AI transparency – AI you can Trust. Putting trust at the centre will help build better AI frameworks, avoiding ill performance or biased algorithms.

Implementing transparency and explainable AI helps enterprise and government understand how their data is being used and how decisions are made. What makes this challenging is the growing complexity of machine learning and the popularity of deep-learning neural networks, which can behave like black boxes with no explanation of how their results were computed. The NoBlackbox approach at Nalantis (Semantic ConceptNet Modeling) enables the developer community to tap into Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for semantic representation of language and unstructured text and creates full explainability and transparency.

Antwerp, Belgium

Role in FF2020

Nalantis is helping to build a ‘Digital Law Pipeline’ to which they can apply their language technology software. This will make legislation and regulation – which is written for and by humans – machine-readable, interpretable, and executable. Their goal is to make drones operate themselves with the use of Natural Language Understanding technology. In collaboration with other FF2020 technical partners, they assess the semantic output and create a technical format that can be easily integrated with other software vendors in the consortium.

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