Sibling Projects

A Collaborative Network

Our Sibling Projects are fellow H2020 programmes and initiatives working on the development of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Through this collaborative network, we aim to create an end-to-end Urban Air Mobility chain to improve the current urban airspace transport system, create knowledge and awareness in cities, and increase public acceptance of these new developments.


AURORA stands for sAfe Urban aiR mObility for euRopeAn citizens. The project will develop and integrate safety-critical technologies to support autonomous flight UAM in urban environments, focusing its demonstrations primarily on emergency-related applications. 

The AURORA consortium believes in creating solutions that do not only extend and complement current mobility systems, but more importantly have a beneficial impact on people and society.


AiRMOUR is a research and innovation project supporting sustainable air mobility via emergency medical services.

The project focuses on the research and validation of novel concepts and solutions to make urban air mobility safe, secure, quiet and green, yet also more accessible, affordable and publicly accepted.

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