UAMexplained Campaign

Creating a common language on Urban Air Mobility

In June 2021, FF2020 and seven other EU-funded projects working on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) developments, initiated a collaboration to increase awareness and understanding among European citizens of these advancements and to create a common and UAM language in the industry. This collaboration resulted in a new joint campaign called UAMexplained. The founding projects are AiRMOURAMU-LEDCORUS-XUAMFF2020, GOF 2.0, Metropolis 2, SAFIR-Med project, and TindAIR.
The first phase of UAMexplained consisted of a social media campaign aimed at gathering feedback from citizens, industry experts and other stakeholders.

 With this information, we were able to improve the terms and definitions we had listed, enabling our team to go into the second phase of the campaign, which was validation from authorities in the UAM field. To this end, the UAMexplained team organised in November 2021 an Experts Webinar. The panel included experts from EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), SESAR 3 JU (Single European Sky ATM Research 3 Joint Undertaking), and UIC2 (UAM Initiative Cities Community).
The last phase involves the publication of a booklet that includes the validated UAM terms and definitions.

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