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The Smart Campus of the University of Oulu is an inspiring and innovative open multidisciplinary co-creation environment and functions as a small-scale city with more than 20,000 daily users. Smart Campus offers a complete platform for research, development and piloting of unprecedented services and solutions, that today’s urban inhabitants need in Smart Cities. At the same time, new services and solutions can help in bridging the digital divide in remote, scarcely populated areas that can become Smart Villages.

Oulu, Finland        

Role in FF2020

University of Oulu will contribute to the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) service model, particularly relevant to the concept of service Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for urban services related to the Living Labs. They will lead the national UAM development and contribute to regulatory and legislative acts and standardisation through close collaboration with national and European regulators and implementors, also by being involved in collaborative activities of the UAM programme under EIP-SCC. They are in charge of the demonstrators’ design; implementation; validation and evaluation; social acceptance and regulatory issues; risk assessment; project results utilisation to implement sustainable business models within the stakeholders; research and market adoption. Additionally, they have a relevant role in the 5G communication layer for UAM services.

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