FF2020 Work Packages

Work Package 1

Project Management

In order to be successful, it is important to manage FF2020 in the best way possible. We believe in being in control while also supporting innovation proactively. Find out how we will manage this project.

Work Package 2

 Technology Agnostic Service Layer

A Digital Toolbox as plug and play solution to implement our UAM platform? Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Find out more about this exciting approach to integrate new technologies in a sustainable way.

Work Package 3

European UAM Governance Framework

One unified framework to govern it all. Our UAM governance model is based on European values, ethics and regulations. Our aim is to upgrade this model to a globally recognised framework. 

Work Package 4

European UAM Regulatory Framework

Developing new standards, interpretation frameworks and a UAM ontology based on machine learning and Natural Language Processing, which is machine-readable. It does not become any better!

Work Package 5

Geospatial Digital Infrastucture

The Context-Oriented Spatial Management Operating System (COSM OS) and HSTP query language as the foundation of our geospatial infrastructure. It is the UAM platform of the future. 

Work Package 6

Case Studies and Benchmarking

There is no innovation without actual implementation. That is why we have chosen to test our solutions and approach in real life situations. By doing this we will gain valuable insights and can apply our knowledge in practice.

Work Package 7

Awareness-raising Activities and Business Development

Exploitation, communication, dissemination, training and buiding a community is at the heart of this work package. We want to be visible, approachable and provide valuable insights to all who are interested. Want to follow or join our journey?

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