Project Management

Lead Work Package 1
Start: Month 1
End: Month 36

Work Package 1 Objectives

WP1 is responsible for the operational management and technical vitality of the FF2020 project which encompasses management components on contractual, financial, legal, technical, administrative and ethical levels. The main objective is the establishment of a sound and flexible project management structure, an efficient management process as well as the provision of an effective risk management strategy to avoid of deviations from the work plan. Another focus of WP1 is to respond to opportunities, which is addressed by active innovation management. These activities will help to maximise the benefit to participants, project stakeholders and the overall impact of the project. Specific WP objectives are:

  • Ensuring the continuous and smooth progress of the project throughout its duration
  • Ensuring the day-to-day management to achieve quality and timeliness of deliverables
  • Coordinating the interface between the EC and the consortium partners
  • Representing the project to parties outside the project
  • Coordinating project meetings and scientific/innovation output
  • Ensuring that all partners abide by the consortium agreement and the diligent management of the project funding

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