European UAM Governance Framework

Lead Work Package 3
Start: Month 3
End: Month 33

Work Package 3 Objectives 

WP3 is responsible for integrating the UAM interoperable governance model, interoperability frameworks and IDoT scheme that will allow FF2020's Digital Toolbox to be replicable and scalable cross-border. It will specifically focus on legal, organisational, semantic and technical interoperability and manage these through an integrated governance model, directly applicable to the context of our Digital Toolbox (WP2) and the semantic models proposed in text as well as in a digitally visualised manner. Specific objectives include:

  • Designing an interoperability governance model and integrated (public) service governance
  • Creating a legal, organisational, semantic, technical interoperability governance framework
  • Developing a specific IDoT scheme/UAM Identity scheme and a data portability/exchange framework
  • Ensuring that the governance models and interoperability frameworks align with existing and relevant EU regulations

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