European UAM Regulatory Framework

Lead Work Package 4
Start: Month 3
End: Month 33

Work Package 4 Objectives

WP4 is in charge of the the regulatory framework that will allow FF2020's Digital Toolbox to be replicable and scalable cross-border in terms of regulations, directives and standards compliance. Specific objectives include:

  • Identifying requirements that need to be met so as to ensure machine-interpretability and machine-executability of regulation
  • Making existing UAS regulation machine-interpretable and machine-executable (as extensively as possible)
  • Developing machine-interpretable and machine-executable liability rules for UAS in an urban mobility context
  • Developing an ontology that captures and assembling rules into relevant concepts and hierarchies. The language-independent (semantic) character of this ontology would allow scaling the described features across language and EU countries
  • Testing and, when necessary, adapting the rules based on the simulations in the Living Labs

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