Case studies and benchmarking

Lead Work Package 6
Start: Month 3
End: Month 33

Objectives Work Package 6

To develop, implement and validate the demonstrators outlined. The main aims of this WP are:

  • To coordinate the Living Labs and the demonstrators’ implementation along the overall project lifetime.
  • To assess the regulatory aspects of the identified demonstrators.
  • To define specifications of the identified demonstrators to integrate the regulatory, geo-spatial and governance frameworks in the operating system of cities and ecosystems, making benchmarking possible.
  • To provide benchmarking on the identified demonstrators.
  • To develop the physical and digital infrastructure and connectivity that enables the UAM to function.
  • To implement the identified demonstrators as well as develop physical drone hubs within the ecosystem or city to secure coverage of the operation of the transportation (including high power/weight ratio, fast battery recharge/fuel-cell refill, high level of reliability and fail-safety and low level of noise, emissions and maintenance requirements)
  • To demonstrate and evaluate the implemented demonstrators and develop business models which have market potential and an affordable pricing model for cities and ecosystems.

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