Flying Forward 2020
Demonstrator 1

Demonstrator 1: Urban Air Mobility Infrastructure to be in Place as a Standard (Defining Requirements)


The objective of Demonstrator 1 is for all the living labs to design an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Blueprint following the development of the UAM field.
The UAM Blueprint is a guidance and a taxonomy of elements that are required to implement Urban Air Mobility in practice. The purpose of the UAM Blueprint is to:

Contribute to increasing the safety of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations in Europe.
Raise awareness and understanding of the UAM elements among the stakeholders.
Refine UAM elements and unveil the demand for UAM services within the planned use cases.
Enable the scalable implementation of UAM infrastructure.
Evolve along with the development of UAS and UAM supportive and enabling technologies and application cases so as to gradually become the basis for the future UAS and UAM standards.


The UAM Blueprint is to be developed in the course of the work and validated through the series of demonstrators and use cases planned under the FF2020 project. Also, other practical activities, literature reviews and scientific explorations might be conducted to validate the content of the document. The results of the validation will be justified according to the FF2020 justification plan that will end up with the updated use case specifications based on the UAM Blueprint.