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Demonstrator 5 and 9
About San Raffaele Hospital

San Raffaele Hospital (Ospedale San Raffaele) in Milan, Italy, is a highly specialised Scientific Hospitalisation and Treatment Institute and is an internationally recognised university polyclinic. It was founded in 1971 to provide specialised care and contribute to the development of new therapies for many pathologies. The medical-scientific excellence of Hospital San Raffaele (HSR) stems from the triple identity of the institute, a place where research, clinic and university training interact on a daily basis. Its Center for Advanced Technologies in Health and Wellbeing is the technological research unit that coordinates the activities of the FF2020 living lab in Milan. The unit aims to design, develop and experiment with innovative services to improve quality of life. Hospital San Raffaele is responsible for demonstrators 5 and 9.

Demonstrator 5: Autonomous Monitoring and Predictive Interventions of Critical Infrastructures in a Hospital

This demonstrator aims to include an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) prototype in the hospital's critical infrastructure for security and maintenance, providing video shots in support of surveillance and technical services located at the hospital. The mandated security officers and maintenance appointees can request the service from a drone to monitor critical areas. This operation is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and guards the privacy of area users. As a result, the service will make the consequent human intervention or remote reconfiguration of the most effective system, improving: 1) The efficiency in maintenance interventions and 2) The timely detection of physical intrusions, thus acting as a deterrent to malicious attacks.


Surveillance of hospital spaces to support the current hospital security system.



Demonstrator 9: Precision Logistic Services for Air Transport of Critical Medical and Pharmaceutical Material

With this demonstration, HSR wants to introduce logistic services for the air transport of critical medical and pharmaceutical material. There are many benefits from this type of use case: financial value, logistic value and, most importantly, environmental risk value. Two use cases were designed for this demonstrator. In an operational environment, both services would be active and use the same system upon request of the hospital staff. The aim of this demonstrator is to develop a prototype of UAM architecture with a system that provides a safe and secure utilisation of airspace, providing delivery of medication and biological samples.


Urgent medicine delivery, such as pharmaceuticals and biological samples, to improve hospital logistics efficiency.



Service Partners

These service partners helped San Raffaele Hospital to validate the solutions that our project partners are developing. The implementation of the use cases was made possible in part due to their collaboration.

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Branding and Press

Flying Forward 2020 - HSR Brand Guide & Press Kit


This document provides information on how to use the visual identity created for FF2020's San Raffaele Hospital (HSR) living lab in Milan. It is designed to be used as a reference document. It also contains a press kit to provide stakeholders, potential partners and the press with the most important information about the living lab and drone demonstrations in one place.