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D6.3: System Under Test Requirements and Certification

This report defines two different kinds of requirements of the test system: functional and non-functional. Part II of deliverable 6.2.

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Deliverable 7.6: Training Strategy and Plan

The report identifies the training modules to be developed, and the planning and quality control of training development.

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Deliverable 8.1: Protection of Personal Data 

This deliverable is an ethical requirement, and it explains how FF2020 handles and protects personal data.

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Deliverable 8.2: Environmental Protection, Health and Safety (EQP)

This report confirms FF2020 ensures and follows appropriate environmental procedures for health and safety. 

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Deliverable 8.3: Research Participants

This report shows the (informed consent) procedure details and criteria for recruiting research participants.


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FF2020 UM paper 1

26 July 2023

Retrieving relevant EU drone legislation with citation analysis

Open access journal: Drones
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FF2020 vol6 publication 1

25 May 2023

SAMWISE – An easy web-tool supporting SORA methodology by EuroUSC Italia

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Drone Ecosystem Observatory

FF2020 has created a Drone Ecosystem Observatory to monitor relevant projects, events, and commercial and technical activities. The Observatory serves as an essential tool to our stakeholders for the development of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) for several reasons: Access to information, collaboration and networking, innovation and best practices, as well as public engagement. By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors and regions, the observatory can help foster a more coordinated and effective approach to the development of UAM.

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