All Public Deliverables

These public deliverables are some of the main outputs of our project.
They have been submitted and approved by the European Commission.


Deliverable 6.1

Specification of the UAM Demonstrators

A detailed description of each demonstrator, its functions, area and way of application, components used and its boundary conditions.

Deliverable 6.2

System Under Test Requirements and Certification

This report defines two different kinds of requirements. On one side, the functional requirements of the system that are being tested. On the other side, non-functional requirements on the test system will be defined.

Deliverable 6.3

System Under Test Requirements and Certification

Part II of deliverable 6.2.

Deliverable 6.4

System Under Test Requirements and Certification

Part III of deliverable 6.2.

Deliverable 6.5

Evaluation and Regulatory Assessment Results

A report on the results of the executed justification plan will be written. This deliverable states whether the FF2020 objectives are reached. Additionally, an evaluation of the final tools and components will be executed where all demonstrators will be tested against the applicable regulatory framework.


Deliverable 7.1

Web Presence, Press and Periodic Update

This deliverable will provide publicly available project information in a press kit (including an introduction to the project, objectives, consortium, expected results and market application). The updates on D7 [3-5] will include digital, physical material and messages.

Deliverable 7.2

Data Management Plan (DMP)

The DMP will provide an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the applications. It concerns all the datasets that will be generated by the project. The DMP is not a fixed document, but evolves (if necessary) during the lifespan of the project, according to the guidelines on data management.

Deliverable 7.6

Training Strategy and Plan

The deliverable identifies the target audience, the training modules to be developed, the associated planning and scheduling of training development, and quality control and reporting of initial courses.

Deliverable 7.7

Training Materials

This delivery will contain the final version of all course content for each training module that will be defined within T7.3, ranging from basic-level introductory materials to low-level technical modules aimed at drone engineers.


Deliverable 8.1

Protection of Personal Data

This deliverable is an ethical requirement and it explains how FF2020 handles and protects personal data.

Deliverable 8.2

Environmental Protection, Health and Safety (EQP)

The aim of this report on EPQ requirements is to confirm that the consortium ensures and follows appropriate procedures relevant to environment protection, health and safety.

Deliverable 8.3

Research Participants

This deliverable shows how the FF2020 project ensures that it complies with European Commission requirements and more precisely with the details on the procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants; informed consent procedures.