The Flying Forward 2020 consortium consists of partners from different sectors with varying backgrounds, experiences and skills. By combining these qualities, we are able to deliver state-of-the-art technology and a best-in-class approach in order to solve the current Urban Air Mobility (UAM) challenges. We are grateful to have so many supporting partners with great track records in the field of emerging technologies and that they are implementing these in society, thus creating value for everyone in the UAM ecosystem. 

The goal of this consortium is not only to achieve its goals but also to reach out to and collaborate with different players globally in order to bring UAM to the next level. While we are testing our solutions in Living Labs, we are able to interact frequently with its end-users and citizens in general. We believe that being successful means having a positive impact on the daily lives of all people in Europe. We believe that the way forward lies in creating sustainable partnerships.



consortium Partners

13 consortium partners



Our partners are based in Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain


living labs

5 partners are leading drone demonstrations in their country



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We welcome you to join us on our wonderful journey. Let's keep flying forward together!