Training Programme Modules

Training Programme Modules

Integrating a New Spatial Ecosystem: Steps Towards Urban Air Mobility

MODULE 1: UAM and FF2020 Introduction

February 2023

Module 1 presents a general introduction to the current state of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), its opportunities and obstacles, a general introduction to the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) project and how it seeks to find out how to reach the full potential of UAM.

MODULE 2: Machine Learning for Law

March 2023

Module 2 focuses on how the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) project tries to ease the implementation of the legal framework using machine learning. It trains its audience on how to use machine learning to make laws ‘machine readable’.

MODULE 3: Spatial Web Platform

April 2023

Module 3 focuses on the need for a spatial digital infrastructure in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and how it helps to make UAM interoperable across cities. It trains its audience on how to use a spatial web platform in UAM-related cases.

MODULE 4: UAM Use Case Development

May 2023

Module 4 helps organisations that have a need to develop an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) use case with practical learnings and tools moving from business to users’ needs.

MODULE 5: Sales and Procurement

June 2023

Module 5 makes the connection with how the results of the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) project ease the procurement and sales processes. It includes an in-depth look at the principles and workings of the Digital Toolbox.

MODULE 6: Policy Development

July 2023

Module 6 trains its audience on current EU developments and major trends in the field of UAM, the leading authorities involved in these developments and how to provide support for UAM policy.

MODULE 7: Law, Regulations and Standards

August 2023

Module 7 delves into the intricate world of legislation and standards that govern the Urban Air Mobility sector, providing a solid foundation for understanding the legal landscape of UAM.