10 recommendations from three UAM Projects: Flying Forward 2020, AiRMOUR and AURORA

29 November 2023

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Flying Forward 2020, AiRMOUR and AURORA are Research and Innovation projects on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) funded by the European Commission. Their three-year journey will come to an end soon. Collectively, they represent 34 organisations from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. 

Three years of work and many relevant results, tools and lessons have now been condensed into ten joint recommendations. Of course, these do not claim nor aim to be complete: They serve to start discussions and as a call to action for the entire UAM community – regulators, industry and authorities alike. They also seek to support future endeavours in the drone and UAM field. For a deeper understanding of the basis for these recommendations, we recommend you watch the videos, use the tools and read the reports on ff2020.eu, airmour.eu, and aurora-uam.eu.

To read our recommendations for local and regional authorities, for EASA, and UAM service providers and manufacturers, click HERE.

Elevating UAM Final Programme   Complete Agenda (2)

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