5 takeaways from the SESAR 3 JU press release on the heels of the EU Drone Days
Nathy Ercol

1 December 2022

UAM Community News

Yesterday, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3 JU) published a press release highlighting how the European Commission’s Drone Strategy 2.0 will bolster the development of new sustainable drone services and transport solutions across Europe and the active role of SESAR projects in facilitating U-space implementation. The statement was distributed on the second day of the EU Drone Days, a two-day conference organised by the European Commission and SESAR 3 JU, where Urban Air Mobility, emergency medical deliveries and aerial infrastructure inspections were just some of the everyday uses for drones that were showcased.

Below, we share 5 key takeaways from SESAR 3 JU's press release:

  1. The Drone Strategy 2.0 makes clear that drones will be part of our daily lives by 2030, offering EU citizens and businesses a wide range of commercial and public services.

  2. To advance U-space implementation, SESAR projects tested digital and automated technological solutions in just about 70 locations around Europe between 2020 and 2022, showing the readiness of U-space services to manage drone operations, related applications and their interaction with manned aviation.

  3. By 2023, the drone services market in Europe may be worth 14.5 billion euros and create 145,000 jobs.

  4. A 35 million euro budget of EU-SESAR funding will be allocated next year to fast-track the uptake of future SESAR U-space innovations, with more U-space funding made available later until 2027.

  5. SESAR 3 JU underlines the importance of a multi-actor effort as well as public confidence and acceptance of this new mobility mode, which will be one of the focal points of SESAR's series of new Digital Sky Demonstrators, with a designated total budget of 15 million euros.


Read the full press release here.

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