EuroUSC Italia's white paper for FF2020: Presenting SAMWISE, a revolutionary tool for the third dimension
Nathy Ercol

25 May 2023

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SAMWISE white paper   25.05

In Urban Air Mobility's rapidly evolving landscape, ensuring safety is of utmost importance. As we push the boundaries of this new transport mode, the need for extensive safety assessment methodologies continues to rise. EuroUSC Italia, a consortium partner in the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) project, has addressed this need in their newly published white paper, showcasing the innovative tool: SAMWISE.

SAMWISE is a revolutionary online software instrument supporting SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment). It is designed to consolidate the safety assessment process for drone operations. The white paper details the challenges in the current UAM safety landscape and how SAMWISE provides a solution. 

The white paper's problem statement highlights the complexity of ensuring safety in drone operations, especially in urban environments. The current methodologies are often time-consuming and complex, making it challenging for stakeholders to guarantee operation safety.

SAMWISE tackles these challenges by providing a complete and user-friendly tool that simplifies the safety assessment process. The key components of SAMWISE include three modules: Risk assessment, mitigation measures, and final risk analysis. These components work together to provide a detailed safety assessment to make certain that drone operations meet the highest safety standards.

The document also introduces SAMWISE Pro, an advanced version of the tool that offers additional features to support more complex drone operations. One of the key outputs of SAMWISE is the SORA report, which offers a precise, evidence-based safety evaluation to ensure regulatory compliance. Ultimately, it serves to foster confidence in drone operations amongst all relevant stakeholders.

The relevance of SAMWISE to the FF2020 project and Living Labs, as well as the UAM ecosystem, is significant. By facilitating a more thorough and efficient safety assessment process, SAMWISE is helping to pave the way for safer operations in the third dimension. This aligns with the FF2020 objects, which aim to create a state-of-the-art geospatial ecosystem for autonomous drone missions.

The white paper is a must-read for all drone and UAM industry stakeholders, offering valuable insights into the safety challenges in this new mobility mode and the solution SAMWISE provides. We encourage all stakeholders to read the white paper and consider how SAMWISE can enhance their operations.

Let's continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in Urban Air Mobility with safety at the forefront.

Read the white paper and learn more about SAMWISE.

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