FF2020 debuts insightful explainer video for a detailed look into High Tech Campus Eindhoven drone demonstrations
Nathy Ercol

10 July 2023

FF2020 News

Today, we are proud to share our first Living Lab explainer video, offering a comprehensive overview of drone demonstrations' preparation, testing, and validation on High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) in the Netherlands. HTCE was the first Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) Living Lab to perform drone testing in a real-world environment and marked a significant milestone for our journey towards developing a geospatial digital Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem.

From March until September 2022, High Tech Campus Eindhoven served as the testing ground for the innovative solutions developed by our project partners, and the successful completion of the use cases was another stepping stone towards integrating UAM into urban life.

The video delves into the implementation of the five building blocks that are at the core of Flying Forward 2020's UAM geospatial digital ecosystem to set up the demonstrations in Eindhoven, which involved operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to test various scenarios.

Additionally, the video describes the deployment phases and walks viewers through each stage, highlighting the collaborative efforts of our service partners and the meticulous planning that went into ensuring the success of the demonstrations.

The knowledge and results acquired from these use cases are instrumental in laying the groundwork for integrating UAM in cities. They also serve to enhance the understanding of Urban Air Mobility among stakeholders, businesses, and citizens and shed light on the necessary infrastructure for introducing this new mode of transport.

We are confident that this video will serve as a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the UAM ecosystem. We invite you to watch the video and join us in our journey towards a future where UAM is integral to city and regional life.

We would also like to acknowledge and extend our gratitude to VERSES, Nalantis, and Maastricht University, all FF2020 partners who collaborated to the success of HTCE. Special thank you go out to all the services partners who were invaluable for the accomplishments in Eindhoven: Airhub, Disc, DroneQ Robotics, Eurest, Fortron, Mapture.ai, Swiss Post Solutions, and Trigion.

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