Introducing the Drone Ecosystem Observatory: A resource for Urban Air Mobility stakeholders
Nathy Ercol

19 June 2023

FF2020 News
LinkedIn   22.07.2023

As we approach the final stages of the Flying Forward 2020 project, we're excited to announce the launch of our Drone Ecosystem Observatory, now accessible via our website. EuroUSC Italia has diligently curated a list of significant external events and developments relevant to our project and stakeholders. Taking this curated list, INSPIR8ION and Digie have collaboratively developed a navigable monitoring tool for our website for a user-friendly and interactive experience.

The Observatory is a testament to our commitment to fostering the scalability of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) within Europe. It's no secret that the integration of crewed and uncrewed flights over urban and populated areas presents considerable challenges. The development of sustainable business models incorporating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations in urban areas is still a work in progress. Our aim is to help dismantle these barriers and facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the field.

The Drone Ecosystem Observatory is more than just a monitoring tool. It's a resource designed to support stakeholders in the UAM ecosystem. Here's how:

  • Information access: The Observatory provides stakeholders with information about various UAM-related projects and initiatives.
  • Networking opportunities: It serves as a platform for fostering collaboration and networking among UAM stakeholders.
  • Promotion of innovation and best practices: The Observatory showcases successful projects, and highlights new technologies, thereby promoting innovation and best practices in the UAM ecosystem.
  • Public engagement: It also plays a crucial role in engaging the public in the development of UAM by providing accessible information about UAM projects and initiatives.

We invite you to explore the Drone Ecosystem Observatory and discover projects and activities that align with your interests and objectives in the UAM domain.

Navigate the Observatory.

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