The Digital Toolbox: How Serendipity is pioneering a UAM solution for tomorrow
Nathy Ercol

17 August 2023

FF2020 News
LinkedIn   17.08.2023

The need for innovative solutions is ever-present in the dynamic landscape of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Serendipity, a FF2020 consortium partner, has recently presented a white paper as part of the project detailing their revolutionary UAM solution: the Digital Toolbox.

What is the Digital Toolbox?

The Digital Toolbox is a comprehensive platform designed to bridge the gap between technology providers and public or private organisations. It operates as a digital marketplace, offering a webshop-like experience where organisations can identify and procure advanced Urban Air Mobility solutions tailored to their specific needs. By ensuring interoperability and compliance with EU legislation and standards on digitalisation, the Toolbox simplifies the adoption of these technologies, making UAM more accessible and efficient.

Supporting FF2020

The Digital Toolbox plays a critical role in the FF2020 project. It provides a technical and legislative framework that aids in the coordination between Living Labs and technology partners. This ensures seamless integration and adoption of UAM solutions, fostering sustainable and cost-effective outcomes for cities and regions.

Addressing Current Challenges in Cities and Regions

Modern urban environments face numerous challenges, from transportation bottlenecks to sustainability concerns. The Digital Toolbox offers solutions by enabling the procurement of innovative technologies that tackle these issues. By facilitating the adoption of UAM and other advanced solutions, it paves the way for smarter, more sustainable cities.

This instrument acts as a catalyst for change in cities and regions. It offers a centralised platform where local and regional governments can identify their unique challenges and procure solutions tailored to address them. Whether it's managing urban traffic, reducing carbon emissions, or enhancing public transportation, the Toolbox provides a suite of UAM solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the urban fabric. Moreover, by promoting collaboration between cities, regions, and technology providers, it ensures that the adopted solutions are both innovative and sustainable, leading to smarter urban development.

Why Use the Digital Toolbox?

The Digital Toolbox is more than just a platform; it's a vision for the future of UAM and sustainable urban development. It offers an efficient process for organisations to identify, procure, and implement Urban Air Mobility solutions. By focusing on interoperability, innovation, and value, it ensures that technology adoption aligns with the broader goals of sustainability and urban development. Specifically, for cities and regions aiming to become more sustainable, the Toolbox provides the means to adopt technologies that reduce environmental impact, promote efficient resource use, and foster a greener urban environment.

Dive Deeper

Discover the workings of the Digital Toolbox. We invite you to delve into Serendipity's white paper, which provides a comprehensive overview of this innovative platform and its role in advancing the future of UAM.

Read the white paper here.

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