Amsterdam Drone Week 2023
Innovative air mobility connecting cities and regions
21 - 23 MAR 2023
FF2020 Participation + Panel

- Amsterdam, the Netherlands
- Online



Event Details


> Arthur Dallau, FF2020's Impact Coordinator, will be part of the panel discussion, 'Opportunities and Challenges of UAM in Cities', with panellists of fellow EU-funded projects, AiRMOUR, AURORA, RAPID and Labyrinth. Read more about it in the event description.

> Delegates from our partners EuroUSC Italia, INSPIR8ION and Digie and High Tech Campus Eindhoven will also participate in ADW.

About the Event

Innovative Air Mobility will not only connect more remote communities with the economic opportunities within cities. It will also enhance transport options and services such as inspection, emergency and security by drones, saving time and investment in infrastructure and people. During ADW Hybrid, the global UAM ecosystem gathers to co-create and cooperate to take the necessary steps ahead. Amsterdam Drone week also hosts EASA's High Level Conference.

View the event programme.

About the Amsterdam Drone Week panel FF2020 will participate in

Panel title: Opportunities and Challenges of UAM in Cities: Public acceptance, test/use cases, and governance  
Panel description: When defining the role of cities, our projects consider that UAM test and use cases must become a mandatory part of the implementation process. This will enable cities to identify potential safety issues, cost-effectiveness and sustainability aspects based on practical experience and ensure legal compliance. Most importantly, test and use cases will help to find solutions for society through dialogue to better understand and meet citizens' and business needs. Thus, test and use cases are essential to creating future-proof solutions that foster trust and acceptance by the wider public.

Panellists: Arthur Dallau, FF2020's Impact Coordinator and CEO of INSPIR8ION | Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, Project Manager of the AiRMOUR project (Moderator) | Silvio Semanjski, Project Coordinator of the AURORA project | Patrick van Egmond, Chief Executive Officer of LuxMobility | James Riordan, Associate Professor in Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles, University of the West Scotland

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