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Partner Contributions Final Event FF2020, AiRMOUR and AURORA 

​​This questionnaire is meant to identify all the partners interested in contributing to the event with a panel or workshop and then to decide how to best allocate spots and the optimal arrangement of the final programme in terms of presentations and panels. Rest assured; we will keep you informed about the final programme and the opportunities you have to present your work to the UAM community. ​Please beware that providing answers to this survey does not automatically lead to a spot in the final programme. ​ 

Please note that the focus of the presentations should be the exploitable results that you can deliver due to your European-funded project. The final event will focus on the ​​​(market-ready) ​outcomes​, tools​, and solutions that can and will be ​applied after the projects have ended.  

It is mandatory for all companies responsible for a workshop or panel to be physically present at the venue. We are currently looking for opportunities to host a hybrid event, but we ask our partners to be physically present when hosting a workshop. The date of the event will be the 22nd of November in Luxembourg. Additional information will be provided soon. 

The audience we aim for are ​cities that want to learn about UAM and their role in managing the third dimension and ​organisations that are active in the field of UAM/AAM that can potentially integrate our market-ready outcomes into their own businesses and operations. Furthermore,​​ we aim to connect with other European-funded UAM projects that want to leverage our insights and results to advance their progress. Lastly, we aspire to reach national and international authorities capable of placing UAM on their strategic agendas and prompting the right questions for further research. 

1) Which ​​​organisation​​ are you representing at the end event?
1b) Which project are you representing?
1c) What is the ​result​, outcome or tool​ that you are responsible for?
1d) Can you briefly describe your contribution to the project deliverables you're associated with?
2) Are you interested in giving a workshop* at the final event?
If yes, proceed to question 2b and 2c. If no, proceed to question 3.
2b) What is your main message for the audience and how does this relate to your exploitable result?
2c) Which type of workshop do you want to organise?
3) Are you interested in participating in a panel? (If yes proceed to question 3b)
3b) Which topic do you want to talk about in a panel?