Lisa van der Heijden

Work Package 7 Lead

Lisa van der Heijden, Community Consultant at INSPIR8ION and DIGIE, is a dedicated consultant and public administrator devoted to stakeholder management in societal challenges that involve emergent technologies and public-private partnerships. With her MSc in Public Management and a pre-master in Business Administration from Erasmus University, Lisa understands the nuances of private and public roles in these partnerships.

As the Work Package 7 (WP7) Lead for the Flying Forward 2020 (FF2020) project, she manages various tasks, including the progress of communication and dissemination of project results. Her responsibilities also extend to overseeing the FF2020's training activities and supporting its standardisation efforts to ensure maximum impact. She plays an instrumental role in the broader Urban Air Mobility (UAM) community by incorporating insights from relevant UAM projects and sharing lessons learned. In addition, Lisa's work necessitates building and strengthening relationships with stakeholders within and beyond the FF2020 consortium. She actively collaborates with other UAM projects and frequently represents INSPIR8ION and FF2020 in stakeholder groups.

A firm believer in collaboration over working in silos, Lisa is committed to creating a lasting, sustainable impact that benefits project partners and the wider urban mobility community. Her ultimate goal is to produce tangible, enduring results that echo her vision of future-proof cities that make life easier, more liveable and equal for citizens.