FF2020 has created a Drone Ecosystem Observatory to monitor external events that are relevant to our project and to our stakeholders. The identification and monitoring of commercial and technical activities and of European and international projects carried out in the UAM field allow us to ensure that our project activities are aligned with relevant activities in the industry at European and international level.

FF2020 is committed to advancing the scalability of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) within the European context. Currently, the seamless establishment, supervision, and coordination of crewed and uncrewed flights over urban and populated zones, as well as the adoption of business models incorporating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations within cityscapes, pose significant challenges. As a result, cities, governmental organisations, and operators are yet to fully realise a financially viable business case for UAM.

Our goal is to help break down these barriers by introducing a Drone Ecosystem Observatory, which will serve as an essential tool to our stakeholders for the development of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) for several reasons:

  • Access to information: The observatory can provide stakeholders with access to information about various projects and initiatives related to UAM. This information can help stakeholders stay informed about new developments, such as emerging technologies, and make informed decisions about their UAM strategies.

  • Collaboration and networking: The observatory can facilitate collaboration and networking among stakeholders in the UAM ecosystem. By providing a centralised platform for information sharing and discussion, the observatory can help stakeholders connect with each other, share knowledge and expertise, and explore opportunities for collaboration.

  • Innovation and best practices: The observatory can help to promote innovation and best practices in the UAM ecosystem by showcasing successful projects, highlighting new technologies, and sharing lessons learned. This can help stakeholders identify new opportunities, improve their UAM strategies, and learn from the experiences of others.

  • Public engagement: The observatory can also engage the public in the development of UAM by providing access to information about UAM projects and initiatives. This can help build public support and acceptance for UAM, address concerns and misconceptions, and promote a more inclusive and sustainable UAM ecosystem.

All in all, we firmly believe this Drone Ecosystem Observatory can be a valuable tool for our project and stakeholders in the UAM ecosystem by highlighting relevant projects and activities, which in turn can facilitate access to information, collaboration and networking, promotion of innovation and best practices, and public engagement.

By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors and regions, the observatory can help foster a more coordinated and effective approach to the development of Urban Air Mobility.

FF2020's Drone Ecosystem Observatory Components

1. An overview of significant UAM projects and initiatives.
Discover the pioneering projects mostly focused on developing practical UAM solutions.

2. A catalogue of critical UAM commercial and technical activities.
Stay abreast of the latest innovations  and the rapidly evolving UAM landscape.

3. Directory of impending stakeholder and industry events
Remain up to date with the most important events in the UAM sphere.


1. Access to information
Highlight information about new developments in the field.

2. Collaboration and networking
Discover aligned projects and activities potentially overlooked by your organisation.

3. Innovation and best practices
Facilitate access to insights and experiences for improved strategies and new opportunities.

4. Public engagement
Provide access to public information about research and advancements to engage with UAM developments.

Projects and Initiatives

We've compiled a comprehensive catalogue of diverse UAM projects and initiatives, thoughtfully categorised according to their engagement with specific UAM use cases. Employ our filters to refine your search and get more targeted insights.

Commercial and Technical Activities

Over the past two years, we've curated a comprehensive list of pertinent commercial and technical activities within the UAM and FF2020 sphere, meticulously categorised by activity type. Use our filters to streamline your exploration and get more precise insights.